Building Awareness About Human Trafficking

Imagine a 13 year old girl, we'll call Jen, heading over to a fast food restaurant. As she walks in, a attractive young man opens the door for her. She notices his friendly eyes and beautiful smile. He notices her embarrassment and timid smile. She orders and sits to wait for a friend. He orders and sits near her. He glances her way repeatedly. "Are waiting for your boyfriend?" He queries. She flushes. "He shouldn't leave you by yourself you know." He winks. She flushes a deeper pink. She is effected. Her eyes down. "I am waiting for my friend." Soon he is sitting next to her, by the time her best friend, also 13 years old, arrives they are the best of friends. She is excited for her friend that this older boy is talking to her. She would love to have a boyfriend. They sit and talk for awhile and then the girls realize they need to get home. Prince Charming invites them to a party. They can't come their parents would never allow it. He completely understands he wouldn't want his little sister going to a party either, he just didn't realize they were so young. Maybe some other time. He watches their disappointment. "You know," he says, "maybe I could meet your mom or dad, he smiles sincerely at Jen, then they would feel better about your coming to my party." They hesitate. He notices their eyes light up. "How about I drive you home. Since you told me your mom is at home making dinner you can introduce me." They hesitate then agree. They aren't babies. And he so nice. (To be continued...)

Human Trafficking is everywhere. Trafficking is nothing more than a polite word for slavery. Most people would agree that it wrong to sell someone or use them to line your wallet. However, most people are unaware that there are more enslaved people now than ever before; as in ever before in all of history. On my way to the airport recently I had a stimulating conversation with open minded intelligent business people. It gave me hope. Some who did not know about trafficking are willing ask questions and learn. One gentleman works in the fight to end genocide.

Our conversation focused on Sex Trafficking. They asked how these women and children were taken? What is being done to END SLAVERY? I will address this in a minute. They were shocked to learn that there is a spike during the Super Bowl and other large sporting events. What I mean by a spike is that traffickers work harder before an event to fill their stables. Then they prep their victims, rent rooms, and make appointments. This is big business. Supply and demand. The supply is easy. The demand is growing. Average age of entry is 14. Average life span in business 7 years.

Back to our story....Neither girl makes it home. They'll be groomed and taken to the Super Bowl to pawed and fondled. And worse. There are a l,000's similar stories like this in America. Many different scenarios. Over 100,000 kids a year here in America. Then there are slaves brought here from other countries to work in labor and/or sex businesses. Statistics vary but there are around 36 million slaves in the world. This statistic includes sex and labor (little or no pay) trafficking. Shared Hope International, Polaris Project, IJM or International Justice Mission, and many more are working on Prevention, Rescue, Recovery, and fighting in court for better laws. Sharing my blog, putting the Human Trafficking Hotline in your phone 1-888-373-7888, learning how to spot trafficking, talking to other people and directing them to these resources are all great ways to start becoming involved. Please join modern day freedom fighters, also known as abolitionists, to fight modern day slavery. You can also leave a question or comment below.

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