2016 Here We Come

As we head into 2016, we are becoming more aware that our youth are being robbed of their innocence, being prepped and primed in the name of entertainment and personal pleasure. We are becoming a voice for those violated, trapped and wanting to be rescued. And we have started a campaign to educate the parents and schools with tools to know the signs of sex trafficking, where to plug in and become a voice.

North County Abolitionists spent 2015 educating ourselves and bringing awareness of Human Trafficking issues to our community by the use of documentaries, discussion with direct/fair-trade businesses, Community of Hope Marketplace, coffee lattes and friends.

We are grateful to have learned a LOT this year! We've met wonderful people, tripled our numbers, explored the many sides of trafficking, got invited to the SLO Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and invited to speak to AT Peer Leadership Class.

We are grateful to be heading into the schools! Shared Hope International says that our children and youth are being targeted, prepped and groomed without us or them realizing it. "From there it's a short step right into exploitation." We now have the resources and tools available to reach our schools. We want to talk to YOU, if you are a parent, teacher, administrator, bus driver and ANYONE who works with the youth in our community. Together we can get the straight scoop, learn the signs and how to help stop Sex Trafficking.

We are grateful that we are moving forward in these goals for 2016!

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