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Get Educated
Check our resource page for links to articles, blogs posts, trainings, and helpful PDFs to educate yourself on the issues. 
Watch a Movie
Join us for our quarterly documentary film screenings. From cocoa plantations to coffee farms, these films expose the ugly underbelly of the human trafficking that our global economy is driving. Local experts moderate discussion after the viewing. See our event page for details on upcoming films. 
Shop Fair Trade 
Where we shop and what we buy matters. It matters because unbeknownst to many consumers, everything from coffee and chocolate to clothing and shoes are made by slaves. Even Christmas lights! Check our resource page for information and slave-free buying guides.
Join in praying for our community and the victims of human trafficking both locally and globally. We meet Friday afternoons for one hour. See our contact page and send us an email for more information. Or, check our resources page for downloadable prayer guides and calendars. 
Spread the Word
Human trafficking is not just a global issue. It happens in every state in our nation and even in our own community. The more people we make aware of this tragedy, the closer we are to ending it. 

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