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North County Abolitionists

| Our Mission |

The mission of North County Abolitionists is to expose and assist in the eradication of human trafficking in our community through awareness and education, while working to help restore victims to a life of hope. 


| Our Vision |

Our vision is to bring awareness to our communities and be a conduit of information regarding human trafficking that is happening both in our own backyards and internationally. We believe as we grow in our own knowledge, we are empowered to encourage and inspire our community to take a stand in our schools, streets, churches and homes to be the voice for the voiceless. 


| Our Goals |

  • Raise awareness that this injustice is happening in our own backyards.

  • Advocate for services/rights for victims and provide practical care for survivors in our community.

  • Grow our organization in both membership and outreach capacity.

  • Build relationships with everyone in the community, bound by a common purpose: To do all we can to expose and end this heinous crime against humanity. 


| Our Actions |

  • Hold ongoing documentaries for the public as education.

  • Hold ‘Fight for Freedom’ Fund Raisers to support our ‘Survivor Fund.’

  • Grow active partnerships with other groups to further enhance our goals.

  • Attend monthly meetings with San Luis Obispo Human Trafficking Task Force.

  • Provide practical support to survivors in our community.

  • Advertise training and educational resources and events to the public.

  • Foster awareness of local and international issues through Facebook.

  • Outreach ministry to local massage parlors.

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